Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 20, 2016

  • In the Kingdom there's prosperity; there's no lack.
  • We have to make a difference!
  • Praise and worship helps us get into His presence.
  • It's the divine interruption that delivers us.
  • The devil can only work on your flesh.
  • If you want people to believe you; make sure what you say is true.
  • If you're not tearing up Bibles, your life's probably tore up.
  • I'm ready for everything to become new.
  • There is no lack in the Kingdom.
  • Look at yourself; do you really act like Jesus?
  • I don't preach to make sense; I preach to make faith.
  • Faith takes us beyond what we can comprehend.
  • My Bible says, Reckon yourself as dead.
  • We have to know what God's word says.
  • We have power over the devil, but we don't take it.
  • We need to find out what God says, do it, and see Him do what He promised.
  • We need to live for God.
  • Quit taking thought!
  • Only losers don't wake up to an alarm.
  • The promises of God are bigger than anything I can promise you.
  • When you blame someone else you erase yourself from being wrong.
  • You need to spend more time with God.
  • God's raising up a people and it might as well be us.
  • We have literally been "born again."
  • The Lord would have us say, "Increase is here now!"
  • We can change the world!
  • It's important that this place be spiritual.
  • If this place is spiritual, God can give us a word, and it will come to pass.
  • Jesus went into the wilderness to get power over the wilderness.
  • We have to make a difference!
  • Stop doubting! Believe this stuff!
  • Believe God for miracles.
  • Expect God to do something every week!
  • Say it!

Scriptures: click on to read

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