Sunday, January 6, 2019

December 30, 2018

  • I'm through being an invisible Christian!
  • 2019, a year of abundant overflow!
  • A light is not meant to be hidden.
  • The only thing that can prove it is a demonstration.
  • You can't make it too tough for God.
  • I will not preach again without expecting a demonstration.
  • The difference a few words can make in your life.
  • We need a demonstration because we DO believe.
  • I want people to see Jesus IN and THROUGH me.
  • When are we going to go back to, "God, what did you say?"
  • 2019, a year of abundant overflow and I'm going to live in it!
  • They can argue with us, but they won't argue with a demonstration.
  • We need to believe!
  • Make it YOUR responsibility to see that something happens.
  • I'm through with being invisible!
  • If you believe that there will be a demonstration, you'll wait on God.
  • How many are ready to have your faith stand in the power of God?
  • Somebody's got to do it; might as well be us!
  • Declare: "There will be a demonstration this Sunday; this week!"
  • Doing good and healing people go hand in hand.
  • With God there's no tomorrow.
  • Faith is now!
  • Where do we get instructions if not from the life of Jesus?
  • God paid the price!
  • Doesn't God have a right to expect a return on His investment (us!)?
  • According to the Word of God, hospitals would be emptied out.
  • If Jesus didn't lay down His deity, He couldn't show us how to act.
  • Healings and miracles were not a struggle with Jesus.
  • Think you're in your last years? God has saved the best for last!
  • A Word from God will always line up with the Bible.
  • We hear from God; we says what He says; God does the work.
  • If you're truly a believer there should be works.
  • If you're born again your natural birth means nothing.
  • I'm preaching for a demonstration.
  • Our goal and aim is to demonstrate Jesus.
  • We have to make a difference!
  • Next year I'm believing people line up to come into church.
  • I'm expecting God to do what He said.
  • Pray for me (pastor) all week long.
  • God's calling you to glorify His Son.
  • I believe next year we won't be overwhelmed when things happen. Why? Because it happens every week!
  • Don't despise the days of small beginnings.
  • Start believing God for a demonstration.
  • Declare: "This week I'm going to believe God; I'm going to decree a thing; I'm going to declare that the glory of the Lord is in this house and that every Sunday we see a demonstration of power and of the Spirit, in Jesus name."

Testimony: Technician said our furnace was a death trap (leaking carbon monoxide) yet, God had protected us from harm!

Scriptures: click on to read

1 Corinthians 2:1-5
John 14:12
John 14:10
John 15:7
1 John 5:14,15
2 Chronicles 16:9
Isaiah 40:31
Zechariah 4:6-10

 Tongues and Interpretation from July 8, 2018

Why callest me Lord and do not the things which I said I would do? I'm not a man that I should lie or the son of man that I should repent. If I spoke it, I will do it. If I said it, it will come to pass. Therefore, believe every word, saith God, and you will see great and mighty things happening in your life. Don't say that's for somebody else; for I would say unto you this day, it's for you! You believe! You see signs and wonders following. You believe! You do great and mighty things in my name! And God would say unto you this day, Believe that there's a turning, a transition, a changing. Know that this day is the day of transformation, it's a day of change, a day of beginnings, and I will do great and mighty things and your eyes will behold it all, in Jesus' name.