Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 25, 2016

  • God couldn't separate Himself from His Word if He wanted to.
  • After Israel came out of Egypt, God's first thought was Genesis 1; dominion.
  • We need a Holy Ghost takeover!
  • What the heck has happened to Christianity!
  • There is a Judgment Day coming!
  • You're way better off being judged now than later.
  • We need to be careful what we say.
  • We're in this together!
  • I don't want you to control the feelings I have for somebody else.
  • People listen to people.
  • We've got to make a difference.
  • The key to anything is somebody hearing from God and telling everybody.
  • Where do you get your instructions from?
  • I'm ready to see something crazy happen.
  • You have to be sent.
  • In His presence You'll discover His purpose.
  • I'm ready for you and me to get crazy for God!
  • God says, Until my people turn their, "I'll never do that," to "Lord, I'll do anything!" they won't experience what I have for them.
  • It's NEVER supposed to be "our" show. It's supposed to be the Holy Spirit.
  • Both you AND God can't be in control at the same time. The Holy Spirit needs to be in control.
  • We're going to see every bit of Christianity restored.
  • Sickness doesn't get to go to heaven.
  • Want to see miracles? Stop trying to figure out how it's going to happen.
  • We're going to see Christianity.

Scriptures: click on to read

Romans 10:15-17
Ezekiel 17:22-24
Acts 2:12-17
Psalm 115