Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 18, 2016

  • What's happened to Christianity?
  • Only believe; or a better translation, "Believe only."
  • Every answer we need comes out of the Word.
  • The Lord showed me a bed that was made. The meaning: someone's rising out of their bed of sickness.
  • Clothes do not make the Christian.
  • Without holiness you won't see God.
  • Every answer is in the Word.
  • Quit damning your kids!
  • Faith comes by hearing.
  • I confess Luke 6:38
  • Quit limiting God!
  • Faith is better than a paycheck.
  • Faith is always enough.
  • I want to give God the glory every time.
  • It's time to turn this city upside down.
  • Faith makes the Word work.
  • Faith believes; believing speaks; speaking brings it to pass.
  • A Christianity that doesn't make a difference, isn't Christianity.
  • We don't make enough of our Christianity.
  • If we're not living by faith we're living without a whole lot of things that faith would provide for us.
  • I want the church to be a lighthouse.
  • We're supposed to be different; a separate people.
  • We're going to change the way we do everything; so we can change everything.
  • The leaders makes a difference.
  • Most churches cater to the world to try and win the world.
  • It's neat when God stops you from saying stuff.
  • We've made Christianity part time; when it's supposed to be full time.
  • Four things: Word, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer.
  • The only foundation: the Word says do it!
  • I believe God wants us to have everything.
  • If we're not going to make a difference, we're not necessary at all.
  • "Christianity" is about making a difference.
  • Joseph: It was in prison that his talent (ability) was discovered.
  • We have the opportunity to do some crazy things.
  • What's happened to Christianity? We've made it part time.
  • Faith works every time!
  • God's going to have a people that He can use in these last days.
  • Read Deuteronomy 28:1-14

Testimony: Aaron promoted. Now has weekends off!

Scriptures: click on to read.

2 Chronicles 7:14
Mark 10:29,30
Deuteronomy 28:10
Romans 10:17
2 Peter 1:4
Acts 2:41-45
Proverbs 18:21
Luke 6:38
Hebrews 4:2
Romans 10:14,15
Mark 11:22-24

Deuteronomy 28