Sunday, October 9, 2016

October 2, 2016

  • Why tongues? He pours out His Spirit upon you and makes His words known to you.
  • "Consistency" is the key to success.
  • Be as diligent today as you can be. And be diligent "every" day.
  • He's not the great "I will be." He's the great "I AM."
  • Obedience shows your faith.
  • We need to hear from God!
  • The victory is ours!
  • It's all about lives being changed.
  • We're not of this world.
  • If we're not of this world, we need different instructions.
  • How long has it been since you've had an opinion change?
  • The God we serve is exciting!
  • He wants to do great things in your life every day.
  • You're a child of God or a child of the devil.
  • There's healing in the Word. Jesus is the Word.
  • I'm tired of hearing about miracles; I want to see them.
  • Where is the God attribute in everything in our lives?
  • When you have a love affair with God, your life changes.
  • You have to stop thinking, "I have to be in control of everything."
  • Lord, give us ears to hear.
  • Heaven will take care of itself.
  • He's an "all" kind of God.
  • Just because you haven't heard it doesn't mean it's not available.
  • The only way there's no healing, is if God has changed.
  • The Bible says, as your faith is, so be it.
  • How can you do God's will if you don't know God's will?
  • The enemy is counting on you going by your feelings.
  • If it's available, let's take advantage of it.
  • When you start walking by faith you won't be so touchy.
  • Say, "What Jesus did, I'm going to do, even greater works."
  • Jesus will set you free from everything!
  • By faith we can obey.
  • He's the same God in both books (New and Old Testament).
  • The blessing of the Lord makes rich, and you don't have to work for it.
  • Straight is the way and narrow is the gate.
  • When this world is going to hell, God will have a special place for His people.
  • There will be a day when they beg to be a Christian.
  • If you're not checked in your spirit by what comes out of your mouth now and then; get closer to God.
  • Anything that is not God's will is an evil report.
  • God has set before us life and death; we choose.
  • In God there is no "can't."
  • Develop a habit of saying, "OK God, what do YOU want?"
  • Is anything too hard for God? NO!
  • The word "salvation" is your total welfare.
  • Let's develop the habit that we hear from God.
  • Sometimes the Dream is the only thing that will keep you.
  • If you can't nurture what God brings you; He won't bring you anything else.

Testimonies: God delivered from depression!
                      God gave favor for car repair!

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Deuteronomy 28:14
Matthew 6:9,10
Judges 6:13
1 Corinthians 2:9-12
Luke 9:62
Ephesians 3:20