Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 1, 2016

  • Mentally, we're still under the curse.
  • We need to be born again in our thinking.
  • I believe sin is insanity.
  • It's not about feelings; it's about faith.
  • "Give us an appetite for you, Lord."
  • Jesus said, What I've done; you're gonna do. And He's not joking!
  • You can't live in the flesh and expect to call things that are not as though they are.
  • I heard in my spirit; "Kingdom Dwellers."
  • We're not of this world.
  • If we're just like the world; we're not a witness.
  • Lust of the flesh; Lust of the eye; the Pride of life; the enemy's tools.
  • The enemy can only tempt you in your five senses.
  • We must know what is "written," and our response must be, "It is written."
  • When you're born again, you'll talk different.
  • What I want is God to use me more; and not for people to know it.
  • We live in a messed up world, and if we don't take dominion, "our" lives will be messed up.
  • When we stop being led by emotions, and reason, we'll have an effect.
  • Faith is the divine ability that goes beyond the natural realm.
  • Stop accepting your first feeling or thought as to how it is, or how it should be.
  • I live in a different world than most people.
  • We've seen "underboard" so long we don't know what "overboard" is.
  • You can start positioning yourself in God where your first thought is a "God thought."
  • Do you have a scripture for that "I just feel" thing?
  • If on the journey you make it about "you," you won't get to your destination.
  • Faith doesn't tempt God.
  • How was Peter able to walk on water? He had a "word" from the Lord. He walked on the "Word."
  • If you're never checked by the Spirit when you talk; you're not listening.
  • We need to stop eating from the tree He told us "not to" eat from.
  • Please develop a hunger for the Word.
  • If you've got Dish TV; put it on 265 and leave it there; judging all by the Word.
  • God has a way bigger harvest for you than you do for yourself.
  • You can't rely on your senses and be obedient.
  • When is it okay to act like Jesus?
  • Say, "I don't live by bread alone; I live by the Word of God."
  • The enemy tricks us by our fallen senses.
  • If you start respecting what you say; you'll be more effective.
  • STOP accepting your first thought or feeling!
  • We're not of this world!
  • Jesus said, "It is written!"
  • You need more faith in the Word.
  • Be able to distinguish what "is" God, and what is "not" God.
  • We need to be a people that bear fruit.
  • You can't have blessing and cursing coming out of your mouth and expect things to change.
  • God only uses dead people.
  • Keep letting God use you; and just smile.
  • I want it to be said, "You want a miracle? Go to that church in Pontoon Beach."
  • God rewards faithfulness with revelation.
  • Adam and Eve didn't live their "feelings" until they ate of the tree.
  • Jesus is the second Adam; we just need to believe.

Scriptures: click on to read

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