Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 24, 2016

  • I tell Him (Jesus) everyday, He's my all in all!
  • When you get to the point where you laugh in the face of reason; you're walking by faith.
  • When you stop listening to reason; you're walking by faith.
  • If you knew where He brought you from; it would be easy to praise Him.
  • I read the end of the Book; and we win!
  • The world is looking for winners.
  • If you ever get out of your carnal, natural thinking; you'll see some amazing things.
  • Christianity offends people.
  • It's time God raised up some warriors who won't quit or give up.
  • Where is God in your life? He's supposed to be in the middle.
  • Peter walked on God's word.
  • You'd better get a word from God.
  • If you learn this; the devil won't have a foothold on you at all.
  • The enemy wants the authority.
  • As long as you're led by your feelings; he (the devil) has authority.
  • Don't say things that cause people to think things they shouldn't.
  • I promise you; where you erred was your mouth.
  • We walk by faith; and not by sight.
  • I believe God has raised me up to teach people real faith.
  • When Jesus said, "It is finished," He solved the problem of us depending on our senses.
  • "God" doesn't go by what He sees.
  • You don't "try" with faith. "Faith" doesn't try.
  • If you allow the enemy to guide you by your senses; you lose every time.
  • We are different; we are not of this world.
  • Why does God use me? Because He can.
  • The only way I can expect what He promised, is to do what He said do.
  • I can only walk on God's word.
  • I believe God "wants" to give us a word. Get alone with Him and ask.
  • I really want to do what God wants us to do.
  • If my Daddy created all this; I want my share.
  • God can only deal on His level; His level is abundance.
  • God's level is a level of abundance.
  • The enemy wanted entrance into what God created.
  • God can't ask me to live by faith; and Him not live by faith.
  • If we'll become more selective in our words, we'll be more effective for the Kingdom.
  • You'll "see it" when you believe it.
  • Jesus said we'll be witnesses unto Him.
  • If we don't make a difference; who will?
  • We need to be somebody who makes a difference.
  • Lord, open up our eyes that we don't live by our feelings.
  • Say, "Lord, help me walk by faith and not by sight."

Scriptures: click on to read.

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