Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 17, 2016

  • Progress leads to progressivism, if we're not careful.
  • Every knee WILL bow before Him someday; better to bow NOW rather than later.
  • We have to know the word!
  • When the thought comes (and it will) you measure it by the Word.
  • This life is way too short, and the next is way too long to mess up.
  • We're desperate for Him!
  • If you don't realize you're desperate for Him; you're just ignorant (not stupid; you just don't know.)
  • When you have the knowledge of Him; you're desperate for Him.
  • If we don't do it; it probably won't get done.
  • You are a spirit; you have a soul; and you live in a body.
  • If you knew what God wants you to know; you'd be desperate for Him.
  • Faith doesn't tempt God; Faith believes God.
  • Your "soul" is your senses.
  • The question is: did God say?
  • We walk by faith; not by opened eyes.
  • He (Jesus) couldn't come here to deliver us from "senses," and then ask, "How do you feel?"
  • God expects us to live above our senses.
  • Confession is saying what God says.
  • We should "never" go by our feelings.
  • I can't live "above" this world if I live "like" this world.
  • Until we learn this, ALL of us go by our feelings.
  • Beginning today, STOP eating from that tree.
  • The "soul" didn't get born again; so we shouldn't go by our feelings.
  • You're going by your senses when you answer too fast.
  • God can only deal with you on His level.
  • Jesus didn't do anything based on His "senses."
  • You have to start hearing HIS voice.
  • You have to get so much of the Word in you that every thought will be judged by it.
  • It's a FLESH battle every day of your life.
  • God wants to be loved freely. He doesn't want robots.
  • The enemy had to get us led by our "senses" so that he could take control.
  • You're dying when you go by your senses.
  • The enemy can only work in the sense realm.
  • If we keep living by our senses; we keep eating at that tree.
  • I've read the end of the book and we win.
  • What is it that overcomes the world? Our faith.
  • Say, Father, thank you that I don't walk by my feelings. I walk by faith; I think by faith; I talk by faith. And I declare the works of God.

Scriptures: click on to read

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