Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 7, 2016

  • Crazy praise will produce violent faith!
  • Crazy praise will produce aggressive faith!
  • Crazy praise will get us out of prison!
  • Crazy praise will produce victorious faith!
  • Crazy praise won't let you leave here like you came!
  • We don't have an opinion; we're told what to do.
  • God gave His only begotten Son and HE said, "It is finished."
  • We need to become less world dependent and more God dependent.
  • It bothers God when He sees His kids not have something; when HIS Son said, "It is finished."
  • What you'll learn is way better than what you feel.
  • The Bible says, Instruction is your life.
  • We have no competition when it comes to hearing God and doing it.
  • A "Church" that hears God's voice, and DOES what He says; has no competition.
  • A good preacher hears from God and says it.
  • God said, Stop looking for the end; look for the continuation.
  • Where there's unity, God commands a blessing.
  • Say, "God has more for me. I have not experienced everything God has for me."
  • I'm getting more dependent on the Holy Ghost. I realize "I" can't fix it; but the Holy Ghost can!
  • The next time it's going to be God!
  • Divine direction; divine destiny.
  • I'd rather be in the worst place and be in God's purpose, then in the best place without Him.
  • I don't need another church service; I need another meeting with God.
  • All I have is a promise from God. Where two of you (in this case, "churches") are gathered together in My name, I'm in their midst and all things are possible.
  • Someone in the congregation came forward and handed the Pastor a sketch of something the Lord had showed them during the service: a river flowing through a forest. He also said the song "Going to the Jordon" ran through his head at the time. The Pastor then said the Lord had previously said to him, "Ask the church if they're ready to cross the river Jordon."
  • Sometimes when you obey God, you may not see the results immediately.
  • They had to cross Jordon to possess the promised land.
  • The key is divine instruction.
  • It's been a long time coming.
  • God said, "Don't look for an end."
  • It's time for hit and miss Christianity to stop.
  • Say, "Something wonderful is going to happen in two weeks."

Scriptures: Click on to read

Romans 8:11
Matthew 18:19,20
Psalm 133