Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 14, 2016

  • The Bible says, "Let the redeemed of the Lord, say so!"
  • What I just saw, Rockets poised for attack (prayer was then said concerning this.)
  • You have to have wisdom to recognize who and what is leading you.
  • Want a great church? Stop doing what YOU want and start doing what JESUS wants.
  • If we're no different than everyone else; is there really a God?
  • Jesus IS our Sabbath.
  • Jesus said, "It is finished." We should be enjoying what HE did.
  • We need to have a manifestation.
  • How do we get the final product? By faith.
  • What does faith do? Faith believes. Belief speaks. Then we take it (receive the manifestation) with abundant praise and thanksgiving.
  • "All" things are possible to him who believes.
  • God has already "healed" everyone (1 Peter 2:24) It's acquired by faith and thanksgiving.
  • My mouth can create things.
  • Don't miss next Sunday! (at Word of Life Church, 4870 Maryville Rd, 10:30 a.m.)
  • Sometimes, in order for you to receive the promise, you have to be where it's spoken.
  • God says you can't please Him without faith.
  • You have not, because you ask not.
  • How do you "take" it? With Great praise and Thanksgiving.
  • You need to grow up.
  • The Lord said, every time there's a fire a snake will jump out of it.
  • You have no idea what's fixing to happen!
  • We have to take this stuff seriously.
  • If you've got faith, somebody has to hear you.
  • Have God's kind of faith. He spoke it, and it came to pass.
  • It's amazing how you can mess something up by NOT saying what He says.
  • Religion wants to make you warm and fuzzy.
  • Relationship will make you strong!
  • A wholesome tongue is a tree of life.
  • I love you enough to tell you; you need to get a new vocabulary.
  • Say, "I need a new vocabulary. I need to learn how to talk again."
  • Sometimes, before it happens in the supernatural; it happens in the natural.
  • This whole thing is a voice activated system.
  • How do you "not doubt"? Praise God for it!
  • If you doubt it, don't shout it.
  • You need to realize who's leading you in that moment.
  • How does faith work? Pray, believe; give thanks that it's yours.
  • God gave you His Word to believe.
  • There's a difference between what's true, and the truth.
  • I believe this book (the Bible).
  • God's looking for a people in these last days to show Himself strong.
  • Our God is a just God.
  • Sometimes God let's you hear something to teach you something.
  • Time matters nothing to God.
  • Faith is a "now" faith.
  • We can't win a world that we depend on.
  • "I'm tired of being broke! God, what do I have to do?"
  • Have faith; believe, speak, receive with thanks and praise.
  • We've all been through way to much not to expect something crazy to happen.
  • The world just "thinks" they can do what the church does.
  • Say, "God, I want "specific" instructions."
  • I just heard in my spirit, "Ready or not; here we go!"
  • God said, "Don't look for an ending."
  • It is in obedience that produces God's purpose.
  • I can't help what the world does, but the church shouldn't be in the same boat.
  • Faith believes; faith speaks, we "take" the manifestation with great praise and thanksgiving for it; being sure to give God the glory.
  • Hear yourself say, "I am rich!"

Scriptures: click on to read

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