Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 12, 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

  • God CANNOT lie!
  • God always whispers the promise.
  • Lord, tune our ears to listen to the promise.
  • We need to hear the Word every day.
  • He said we would be witnesses of "Him."
  • He gave us everything so that we can show the world...Him.
  • Just heard God; He's giving better circulation to your body.
  • Why don't "we" determine how we're going to feel?
  • Say, "I have the mind of Christ."
  • You trying to get attention for yourself for any reason robs you of a better way of living.
  • We should never have to go to the world for "anything."
  • Until "you" start inhaling, nothing changes.
  • How many of God's promises are you living out every day?
  • We need to come out and be separate.
  • God can't lie, so when He first says something; THAT establishes an eternal truth.
  • The devil is a liar.
  • God created man in His own image.
  • When God first made us; He blessed us.
  • You're not blessed because you "Amen;" but because you "do."
  • There's no sense in you relying on your own opinion.
  • It's the blessing on your life that will get their attention.
  • It's not right to call people names, even if its true.
  • Everyone who doesn't get into CBC, doesn't listen to God.
  • The place don't shake without some inhaling.
  • What hurts the church? Division.
  • All I need is the ability to hear God.
  • The worse this world gets, the better we ought to shine.
  • The blessing of the Lord is doing what He says do.
  • What have you "left" for Jesus?
  • The Babylonian system: Trying to do it on your own without God.
  • The blessing of the Lord comes with the Word of the Lord.
  • Its the blessing of the Lord that makes rich.
  • God wants to bless an obedient people.
  • "Not knowing " is not a sign that you're not going somewhere.
  • You'd be surprised how bad religion treats you.
  • Just because you've toiled all night doesn't mean God doesn't have a great harvest for you.
  • When you do what God says do, things will work out for you.
  • Is He really "Lord" if the Lord is not making a difference in my life?
  • It is not Job-Jireh, it's Jehovah-Jireh. "He's" our provider.
  • I believe sanctified people of God ought to have it better.
  • We've been in Egypt long enough.

    Scriptures: click on to read

    Deuteronomy 1:10,11
    Acts 4:32
    Genesis 26:12-14
    Proverbs 10:22
    Genesis 13:2
    Mark 10:28-31