Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 26, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

  • There is nothing I would trade for His presence!
  • His everything.
  • If anything's going to happen here, its up to us!
  • Stop worrying about "them."
  • God's always ready!
  • It's up to us!
  • If its to be, its up to me!
  • When you get it...things will happen.
  • There's power in the blood!
  • Start listening to the Lord.
  • We need to develop hearing ears.
  • We blame God for things He didn't do.
  • If "its written"...its done.
  • God doesn't do anything anymore. IT IS FINISHED! IT IS FINISHED! IT'S PROVIDED!
  • Start getting the Word in you.
  • Only through the Word of God can we have dominance.
  • "Scorning" is never right.
  • Avoid "strife" at all costs.
  • Whatever God says, that's what we do!
  • We don't have any rights. Do what God says.
  • We need to be smarter than the enemy.
  • Everything that's written comes to pass.
  • I have faith in what He's already done.
  • "Faith in God" makes miracles happen.
  • "We" have dominion and authority.
  • "You" have to resist the devil.
  • It's not "them," it's "us."
  • The enemy tries to get you to focus on "them."
  • What you do in secret, God will reward you openly.
  • It's God that makes the donkey talk.
  • When you realize that, He'll have YOU talk!
  • You walking word of God, YOU!
  • Quit telling Him (God) no, so much; start saying "yes!"
  • People ought to be seeing things happen in your life.
  • How do  you "get" from God? Have faith in Him!
  • He expects us to believe for a notable miracle, every day!
  • All you have to do is have faith in God!
  • Speak "faith, " instead of unbelief.
  • It's not about what you "think" or "feel"!
  • God says, "YOU take dominion!"
  • Have faith in God!
  • How do you starve doubt? Feed yourself the Word!
  • If you're not feeding yourself the Word, you're feeding yourself doubt.
  • When you pray, believe you receive.
  • "Patience" is the time between when you pray, say it, and when you see it.
  • Believe you "receive" WHEN you pray.
  • What do people of faith do? See miracles!
  • God uses the "Word," not sickness to get your attention.
  • Its the goodness of God that leads you to repentance.
  • Say, "I DO believe!"
  • God makes the donkey talk; otherwise you're a jackass!
  • A jackass says things that God doesn't say.
  • Everything you hear isn't God. It has to line up with the Word.
  • You have to spend time with God if you're going to hear from Him.
  • Get into God's Word!
  • Read it out loud!
  • Over, and over, and over, and over!
  • If you want different answers, your conversation has to change.
  • You can complain about it, or you can call those things that are not.
  • If "considering" things causes doubt; stop considering.
  • It's never too late with God!
  • I "call it" like I want it to be; not "like it is."
  • God says, "You haven't seen anything yet!!"
  • Say, "Something wonderful is going to happen at church this Sunday."
  • Don't let anything but faith words come out of your mouth.
  • We give voice to the Word.
  • "Faith" is the substance we live on.
  • There needs to be a doing before there is a seeing. "Do" what He says do.
  • Once God has told you something, and you've said it, hold fast to it.

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