Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 15, 2015

Sermon nuggets...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

  • It is so vital to know His heart.
  • You need an experience to remember.
  • The world is looking for God.
  • Witnessing is not a substitute for "being" a witness.
  • Every one of us is listening to a "voice" everyday.
  • Laziness is a curse.
  • If you don't honor God with your finances, you'll never have enough.
  • In the life of this church, where is the Rock?
  • You want things different for your family? Start doing things different.
  • Death and life are in the power of the tongue.
  • I KNOW He's real!
  • The choices you make have consequences.
  • When does God get to be first?
  • He's a front seat kind of God.
  • Homework: read Acts 1-5 and Psalm 119
  • God does not expect us to be a witness without a demonstration.
  • The reason you don't see and hear something, is because of unbelief.
  • If we're hooked up with God, how come we're so stupid?
  • God is supposed to reign in our lives.
  • Have you ever been too sick to go to the hospital?
  • The Healer is in the house!
  • The first five chapters of Acts is a picture of the true church.
  • Isn't it amazing how we believe the weather forecast, and doubt the Word?
  • The Bible says fight the good fight of faith.
  • Everybody needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Where's the water from the rock in your life?
  • It's time for some God level stuff.
  • Faith does not call it like it is.
  • Where's the "God element" in your life?
  • Want victory? Turn the TV off this week and read the Bible.
  • Everybody wants it better when it gets bad.
  • Its a heart issue.
  • "Slavery" is where you end up every time after disobedience.
  • We live in a lying society.
  • Spend some time with God and only do what He tells you.
  • Doesn't God have the same right to expect from you what you expect from Him?
  • God said start small (in your sowing of seed).

    Scriptures: click on to read
    Proverbs 18:21
    Acts 2
    Acts 4:34
    Mark 10:29,30
    John 10:10
    Acts 5:42Acts 1-5
    Psalm 119