Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 8, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015
  • God wants to have an adult conversation with you.
  • His presence always has a purpose.
  • Every one of us is just an obedient act away from a miracle.
  • He does not change! God is a miracle worker!
  • If you're not getting anything out of praise and worship; God isn't either.
  • If you're not praising God, it's because you don't know Him.
  • When you start praising Him your horizons will get higher.
  • The Lord says, "Sometimes I want an adult conversation with you."
  • Every time I breath I prove the existence of God.
  • Start expanding your horizons.
  • Start having adult conversations with God.
  • Sometimes when you make a "faith" decision, it doesn't always feel good.
  • If we don't leave here with some of "Him," we shouldn't have come.
  • When you come to "God's House," you need to get "God."
  • You don't have to do drugs to waste your mind.
  • Good news: we're not of this world!
  • Dishonor is the seed for loss.
  • If you don't respect something, you'll lose it.
  • "Words" are seeds for feeling.
  • Which are you under; the curse or the blessing?
  • You simply live on the knowledge that you have.
  • We were taught "stupid" growing up.
  • What you respect will come to you.
  • My preaching doesn't do some of you any good because you don't respect it.
  • Your future is determined by who or what you honor.
  • Adaptation is proof of what you honor.
  • What do you honor and respect about Jesus.
  • God has always "been." If not, He wouldn't be God.
  • What you honor and respect determines your future.
  • If they're talking about everyone else; they're talking about you, too!
  • What's wrong with the church? Gossip.
  • The Bible says, If we honor God, He'll honor us.
  • By faith God can give you way more than you're jealous for.
  • Homework: Read Psalm 119
  • Do you want respect? Show respect.
  • Ain't nobody like momma!
  • Thank God for moms.
  • Jesus only said what His Father said.
  • Get this: words are seeds for feelings.
  • We need to start living above this world.
  • If your mind is not being renewed, you're wasting it.
  • We're going to be different here.
  • Loose lips sink ships.
  • When the world's on fire, the Word's the only thing that works.
  • God wants us to grow up.
  • More Homework: The first five chapters of the book of Acts. Get a picture of "that" church, and compare it to the modern church.
  • The Lord said He'll make the church 1000 times more than it is.
  • When we respect holiness, grace, and mercy; we attract these things.
  • Read the Word; meditate on it, every day!
  • When you start respecting the things of God, He'll start

Scriptures: click on to read
Psalm 119
2 Corinthians 5:17
Romans 12:1,2
Acts 1-5