Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 6, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014
  • His presence commands praise!
  • You have to inhale, drink, and swallow for it to affect you.
  • Life is in the Word!
  • The only thing that changes you is the Word.
  • What in  your life is off limits to God? Money? Time? Choices?
  • The enemy has relied on my ignorance and selfishness long enough.
  • After salvation and being filled with the Spirit, we need to deal with the money issue.
  • God's ability to meet all your needs has nothing to do with your circumstances.
  • It's a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of a minister who only fears God; and doesn't fear YOU.
  • The Kingdom of God is the only thing floating.
  • There's something real healthy about the fear of God.
  • If you don't respect time; you'll never have time.
  • What you respect, you'll attract.
  • God's Word works; and it works every time.
  • If God's paying for it; why not get the best?
  • Complaining about things doesn't change things.
  • Say what God says about things.
  • I only preach to believers.
  • Why would you go to church when you can go to The City of the Lord?
  • The Kingdom of God is the only kingdom that has ultimate power.
  • Have you taken the limits off God in regards to healing?
  • Strife is not your friend.
  • The just shall live by faith.
  • Abundance is in our obedience.
  • Whatever God says do: do it.
  • The tongue is the steering wheel of  your life.
  • In all your planning; plan on the supernatural.

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