Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 8, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015

  • God's trying to get some people intoxicated with His presence.
  • We need to get our butts kicked spiritually.
  • We have to say only what God says.
  • "Faith" says what God says.
  • We need the Holy Ghost! When WE don't know; HE DOES!
  • We are God's people. We have to know!
  • Jesus prayed that we would be one!
  • Stop looking at what things look like!
  • He didn't give us His Word to understand; He gave it to us to believe!
  • Everybody wants to "talk" it, few want to walk it.
  • The only joy to Jesus is when we live in what He provided.
  • There's provision in the cross.
  • Do not speak anything you do not want to come to pass.
  • Think like God thinks.
  • Provision is supernatural. "Provisions" are natural.
  • God is the "provider." What He provides is natural.
  • If you go through hell and aren't changed; get ready to go through it again.
  • If God says it's so; it's so!
  • What does the "position" have to do with the purpose?
  • Out of necessity we can come together.
  • Too often we look for an "outward" reason to do something. We need an "inner" witness.
  • How can we all be in one accord? ALL get under the influence.
  • Our problem: we're too full of us.
  • There's a level in God you'll never understand till you get there.
  • You really CAN become intoxicated; come under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
  • When do "we" get smarter?
  • With God ALL things are possible.
  • The Gospel is about "change."
  • We can't do it in the flesh!
  • What proves God? When we make a stand.
  • We're about to get crazy for Jesus!
  • Let's get hungry for God and see what He'll do.
  • He's only coming back for "one" church.
  • God can't lie. If He says it, He'll do it.
  • The issue is the "agreement."
  • We can't have agreement if I keep being me.
  • If you're still you, come die some more at these alters.
  • Say, "God is going to use me, and blow my mind when He does."
  • You're only limited by "you."
  • God's first inclination is to forgive.
  • Why do you think you've been through all this and seemingly nothing for it? You're being prepared.
  • Church is not for the faint of heart or the weak.
  • We choose to believe the report of the Lord.
  • Someone has to believe it!
  • God has raised us up for such a time as this.
  • It's about to happen!
  • If you're never a part of God's purpose, you'll never perceive God's provision.
  • Start walking in HIS light.
  • We must be about our Father's business.
  • Read your Bible!
  • Dominion will come when you learn to hear His voice.
  • We're in charge, as "He" is in charge.
  • Only say what you want to happen.
  • We have to do it God's way!

Scriptures: click on to read

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