Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 15, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

  • You can rejoice your way out of something!
  • We have the choice to rejoice!
  • Rejoice "before" it happens; then it WILL happen!
  • His arm reaches all around the world.
  • What is it you haven't seen in me that you wouldn't want more of Jesus?
  • You have to be obedient to God.
  • Don't get in a conversation with the enemy.
  • I'm not sure how much longer you're going to get away with how you're living.
  • I'm not sure we have another week.
  • You can't live the same and expect things to be different.
  • You have to start hearing God for yourself.
  • God wants us to live by faith so that everything He has is ours.
  • So many of God's people live far below of where we're supposed to be.
  • Somethings going to happen today.
  • What are you going to do this week that will make next week's service better?
  • God says it's possible for us to be one.
  • We really ARE our brother's keeper.
  • We have an opportunity to let this world see Jesus like never before. We have to sell out for it!
  • Surely God has more planned than just this?
  • If you believe God has more, let's roll up our sleeves, pray, read, and be faithful.
  • Nothing can change you but Jesus.
  • Stay in the Word!
  • You "Bride of Christ" you!
  • You "Wife of Christ" you!
  • God says it's OK if we take over!
  • We are the wife of Christ!
  • We are "Mrs" Christ, but we live more like a mistress.
  • God says, "When you do something in secret, I'll reward you openly."
  • We need to live like His wife.
  • We need to stop whoring after other gods.
  • This week, when the devil tells you what you're "not," tell him you are the Wife of Christ!
  • What He did (Jesus) you can now do.
  • What has God told you to do this week that you haven't done?
  • We need to learn to hear from God.
  • Be ready every day!
  • God hasn't changed. He still wants to do something mighty.
  • What do you think God would do if we really trusted Him?
  • If it gets too tough, Michael will show up.
  • The record is perfect; every woman we prayed for to have a baby, has had one.
  • The Holy Ghost reveals we (the WIFE of CHRIST) can sign the checks too!
  • We're the wife of the anointed one.
  • Tell yourself, "I'm Mrs Christ!"
  • Get more of the Word in you!
  • Mrs Christ can sign HIS name to ANYTHING!
  • That the Father be glorified.
  • God wants us to have the life we want, but He wants us to do it HIS way.
  • You need to come under the influence of the Holy Ghost.
  • Every morning when you get up, say, "I'm the wife of Christ and I can do what He did, in His name."

Scripture: click on to read

Isaiah 53:5
Revelation 19:7
Acts 3:16
John 14:13,14