Sunday, September 27, 2015

Semptember 20, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

  • The praises of God are a two-edged sword in your hand.
  • "Lord, we invite your presence and your purpose."
  • God's never had to walk back something that He's said.
  • The Church needs a fresh word from God so we can do what He wants us to do.
  • God's ready to do something right now!
  • If God said it--especially if you don't see it!--we need to say it.
  • You have the final say so!
  • We need a word from the Lord and should shut up till we get one.
  • If you don't take my warnings, why should I take your complaints?
  • When you hear a word from God, you'll keep on looking.
  • It's not enough to say the money came from God when you spend it all on yourself.
  • The church has become a joke in the last thirty years; that's about to end!
  • We have to become a people who hear from God.
  • You have to hear from the Lord about everything.
  • If you don't hear from the Lord, do nothing.
  • The manifestation is in the power of the spoken word.
  • The Spirit of God moving is the key for you hearing from God.
  • I want us to redo our vocabulary.
  • "Can't" needs to go.
  • All I need is a word from God.
  • You have no idea the revelation you would receive if you came here hungry.
  • Forget trying to figure out what's going to kill you!
  • This is about a "new" you!
  • We get our faith "as it is written."
  • What does faith do? It believes.
  • We "believe" what's written.
  • As long as you depend upon Him, all things are possible.
  • Your only need is to hear from the Lord.
  • God's turning us into an army.
  • Keep filling yourself with the Word (water); it will come out wine--intoxicating--being led of the Spirit.
  • Nobody's bigger than Jesus.
  • Look up, not around. Looking around causes you to "consider."
  • The spirit of faith believes and speaks.
  • It's too soon to quit!
  • Our only need is to hear a word from the Lord.
  • Our theme: "Look what the Lord's done!"

Scriptures: click on to read

Psalm 149:5-9
1 Kings 18:1
John 14:13
Matthew 12:37
2 Corinthians 4:13
Numbers 13:26-33
Deuteronomy 28:10