Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 28, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

  • Often, what's about to happen spiritually, will happen naturally first. We're a half inch short of having record rainfall this month.
  • Where is the demonstration?
  • A flood's coming y'all!
  • You can't dream bigger than God can do!
  • Once you speak it, pray and hold on to it.
  • It's time we became "proactive" instead of "reactive."
  • Anyone can "react."
  • The law of recognition: When God shows you something, He has a reason.
  • We spend too much time in the world, and are therefore influenced too much by it.
  • We're (Christians) the largest group of anything that doesn't get together.
  • How come God's people don't have an agenda?
  • God says, "One of these days you'll HAVE to be involved."
  • I want you to move from flesh thinking to Spirit thinking.
  • What happens in division? The vision dies.
  • "ALL" proves there's a God. "Some" is man.
  • The Word of God has enough power to replace the facts.
  • Here's your key to success: SHUT UP!
  • Stop making your problem bigger than God's promise.
  • We are entering a time of the supernatural like never before.
  • We must become "proactive" and not "reactive."
  • What's greater than the facts? The Word of God.
  • Most Christians aren't grown up enough to hardly take anything.
  • Jesus is good, not only on Sunday, but all week!
  • The devil will talk you into something and then condemn you for doing it.
  • We're fixing to see a revival; lost souls coming like never before.
  • The Lord's coming back for a glorious church.
  • Why don't we pray BEFORE something happens.
  • I don't go to other peoples head for my happiness.
  • We're not guilty because of the first thought; it's the second thought.
  • We're living way beneath where God plans for us to live.
  • God wants you to turn your "I'd never do that," to "Lord, I'll do anything!"
  • In His presence there is fullness of joy!
  • The Kingdom of God is within you.
  • Religion will not only blind you, it will make you stupid.
  • They that are in the flesh can't please God.
  • I'm in a place now where I KNOW we win.
  • This is "His" church.
  • When God shows up anywhere, light and revelation shows up.
  • We don't play games with God.
  • They're going to come running, looking for an answer; and we have it!
  • Want some victory in your life; forget where you came from.
  • We start on a!
  • Dying's not the issue; Hell is.
  • Death is not a bad thing if you're ready.
  • We get to be the people who see God move.
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