Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 24, 2015

Sunday May 24, 2015
If you're going to doubt something; doubt doubt.There's a part of us that's unlimited, but we cater to the limited side."It's what I know, not what I feel."You may have been too busy for Him in the past, but you're going to have plenty of time for Him now.It's never a waste of time, you can always take something home with you.Jesus is our Sabbath. Our rest is in Him.Where did His decision making come from? "It is written."God only honors faith works.The reason no one wants to do what we do is because we're not doing anything.It's not what YOU bring to the fight; it's what HE brings to the fight.God's never lifted a finger. He says.Let faith words be the first words out of your mouth.If all we ever do is cater to the flesh side, we'll never have a relationship with God.If God said it, that settles it.Sometimes you've got to let God make some changes in you if you want to grow.Put your spirit in control.We speak the Word. God does the work.
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