Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

  • We've been through the struggle...
  • There's not a witness for God anywhere.
  • The Holy Spirit asks, "When God begins to do supernatural things here; will you tell somebody?"
  • He's fixing to do things you've never heard of.
  • God made a covenant; a merger with us.
  • God has it all! Jesus restored it all! Everything that was lost!
  • Are you as sold out to God as you could be?
  • Do you think selling out to God comes with benefits?
  • The choice is yours. It's a choice to rejoice.
  • Those who can pray in the Holy Spirit; do that more!
  • Strengthen yourself daily.
  • If He's God, and He is, things should be crazy good in our lives.
  • The Spirit is limited if we are led by the flesh.
  • If you overdose on the Word, God will resurrect you.
  • The spirit inside of you (if you're born again) hungers for a deeper relationship with God.
  • Jesus came to this earth as fully man.
  • Get out some paper; answer the question, "What am I doing by faith?"
  • I want "The City of the Lord" to be known as the "faith" church.
  • If Jesus did it, we can do it.
  • Say, "The power of the Spirit resides in me!"
  • If Jesus can't partake of it; what makes us think we can?
  • In the Spirit a while ago I saw a big parking lot with a lot of lights. A lot of night services.
  • You haven't seen anything yet!
  • You have not seen or experienced everything God has for you!
  • Question: why should the world come to church?
  • What are you doing by faith?
  • It's time we made up our minds to do what God says!
  • Where your heart is, there your treasure is.
  • Jesus has to be first!
  • Is somebody "hearing" our faith?
  • Are you asking, "Where's God?" He's back at your place of disobedience. Go back there.
  • Jesus' answer: "Have faith in God."
  • Assignment: Write down and have ready an answer to the question: What are you doing by faith?
  • God is expecting all of us to be mountain movers.
  • Since you ARE a Christian, you already have faith!
  • Our God is a faith God.
  • How do you get doubt out of your heart? Hide God's Word in it!
  • There's nothing neutral in your life.
  • Get that Word in your heart!
  • Faith is calling those things that are not as though they are.
  • God has called us to live by faith!
  • Speak to the mountain!
  • Believing once you see something, is NOT faith.
  • Until I take my last breath, I want to believe God for something.
  • The Key: 1 John 5:14,15
  • If its in the Word of God, its His will.
  • knowing.
  • Keep your ears open during praise and worship.
  • Every one of us should want better for our kids; and double for our grandkids.
  • Write it down, put it on your fridge.
  • Say, "We are multiplied."
  • We've got some catching up to do.
  • We ALL have faith, and its time to use it.
  • The Bible says, "The just shall live by faith."
  • Faith without works is dead.
  • The "substance" that we live Faith.
  • When God speaks it to you, He deposits a little faith in you for the job.
  • It's never us!
  • God wants to blow your mind!
  • Spend time in the Word, in prayer, in worship. Get something From HIM.
  • You will want something to offer Him when you see Him.
  • Pray, "Lord, reveal to me your will; something to have faith for."
  • We're supposed to live by faith, and faith produces something.
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