Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 26, 2014

  • Sunday, October 26, 2014
  • If we are a body, then every one of us has an effect or input on the church.
  • The world is dark. If we don't shine His light there IS no light.
  • God wants an obedient people.
  • The church is blind and crippled because you (the body) choose to do your own thing.
  • You can't be disobedient and expect God's blessing on your life.
  • You need to get "born again!"
  • I think we're here for the purpose of making a difference.
  • Expect a big harvest.
  • The supernatural will be a major part of every service.
  • God wants the church involved in EVERYTHING.
  • Only early people expect something to happen.
  • Our God is a good steward.
  • Where is righteousness and holiness in the body of Christ?
  • The enemy's counting on your "less expectations."
  • Spend some time in God's Word.
  • We are saved by "grace by faith," and that's how we get everything from God.
  • My cause is to advance the Kingdom.
  • Jesus took authority over everything.
  • I refuse to let you stay where the enemy has convinced you that you have to stay.
  • Get right with God, and "stay right" with Him.
  • God wants every one of you blessed and healed!
  • Again, if we are a body, then every one of us effects the church.
  • The blood of Jesus prevails!
  • We need a prayer meeting.
  • I don't know how much we (the church) represent God.
  • We're ALL listening to somebody!
  • Let's start living righteous and Holy and say what God wants us to say.
  • God has higher expectations for every on of us.
  • This week: Read your Bible! Listen to preaching!
    Testimony: A good report from the doctor! No cancer! All glory to God!!
    Scriptures: click on to read

    Psalm 118:8
    Hebrews 6:1-3
    Joshua 24:8
    Matthew 6:24-34
    Psalm 115:17,18