Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014
  • If we're God's kids--and we are--expect some God level things to happen.
  • God has called us to be witnesses; to SHOW them what He's done.
  • God created a people to have an ongoing relationship with.
  • "Sin" destroys the relationship.
  • God wants to be as close to you as you can stand.
  • In His presence is fulness of joy.
  • Become more like Jesus; the whole world will hate you.
  • God sent His Son to die for us so we can live fore Him.
  • Your thoughts either come from God, or the other guy, and from you once in a while. Not much original.
  • Jesus said, "What I've done you're gonna do."
  • "Wisdom" is applying God's word to the situation.
  • If this church is not "supernatural," then that's not natural.
  • Use your mouth for something good.
  • Maybe you can do something to make it better for the next person.
  • You need to take your houses back.
  • If we all did what Jesus did, it wouldn't take long to win the city.
  • Revelation brings revolution.
  • We're supposed to be a bunch of "Jesus'" running all over town.
  • I'm supposed to have the mind of Christ.
  • Creation is groaning for a manifestation of the sons of God.
  • Jesus paid the price so we can do what He did.
  • God has created us to have dominion.
  • When you wake up, say, "I have the mind of Christ!"
  • Keep pushing people to God and He'll use you more. Don't take the credit.
  • We need some God level things going on in our lives.
  • Go to the Bible and see what Jesus thinks about it.
  • The people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.
  • For your sake and the sake of the church; read your Proverbs every day.
  • Any one of us ought to have this church filled next week.
  • The Lord says, "Some of you need to wait for the next day."
  • Submit yourself to God and His Word, and the devil will flee.
  • Want to know the mind of Christ? Read the "red" words. While you're reading it, say, "Father, let this mind be in me."
  • Do it this week; go through the Gospels and read the "red" words (the words of Jesus.)
  • Go do something good this week!
    Scriptures: click on to read
    Romans 8:19-22
    John 1:12
    Proverbs 15
    Genesis 1:26
    Mark 9:23
    Philippians 4:13
    Philippians 2:5