Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 7, 2014

Sunday, April 7, 2014

  • Start questioning your salvation. Are you saved? Where is the fruit?
  • Stop playing games with God! Stop it!
  • Let God speak to your heart right now.
  • Don't waste the opportunity God has given you.
  • Stop playing games with God!
  • Examine your walk with God.
  • The only change that needs to take place is a change in "us."
  • When we allow God to change us, everything around us will begin to change.
  • Expect some huge things to take place in your life.
  • Find a promise and hang onto it.
  • To an obedient people He wants to do great things.
  • I saw a prodigal come running home.
  • God; running to every prodigal.
  • There's never been a word written to explain the splendor of Heaven.
  • I hear these words, "Aren't you tired of messing up?"
  • If you ask God to forgive you, He washes ALL your sins away!
  • Warning: I would get things right before God reveals them openly.
  • I wrote this down: Healing people on the WAY to church.
  • Quit responding so quick to your thoughts.
  • Just because you get a thought doesn't mean it's right.
  • Take thought of  your thoughts.
  • Check list: 1. Born Again  2. Filled with the Spirit  3. Become a praiser/worshipper
  • If you don't praise Him it's because you don't know Him.
  • The only way to keep God from judging you is to judge yourself.
  • Praise creates an atmosphere for spiritual things to happen.
  • Your thoughts are not that smart.
  • If you knew the effects of strife, you'd run from it like the plague.
  • You cannot make it on your own!
  • Say, "I can't make it without Him!"
  • Hell is filled with self-made people.
  • There's a day of reckoning that's coming.
  • We want to become Kingdom minded.
  • The enemy fights against unity.
  • In "Unity" U and I...tie.
  • It's not right for church folk not to get along.
  • The reason: you think more of yourself than others.
  • Until something costs you something you probably won't respect it.
  • When you know God's in your corner, let THEM go first.
  • If the blood of animals sets the ship aright; then the blood of Jesus sets us on a cruise liner.
  • You have no idea how quick it can change.
  • Some of your problem is you don't have enough Word in you.
  • You have too much Egypt, and not enough Kingdom.
  • You need to say what God says.
  • The problem is, you don't have enough Word in you.
  • I want to be a part of the church that Jesus builds and the gates of Hell can't stand against.
  • Would you give $1 if  you knew you'd get $4 back?
  • If not us, who? If not now, when? If not here, where?
  • God is telling you to "sell out" to Him.
  • Our number one business: To see souls saved.
  • If you come expecting; things will happen.
  • God wants to use us to make a difference.
  • Right now you're either backslidden, or you're doing better than you've ever done.
  • If you want to do it yourself, you'll have to depend on yourself.
  • If you depend on God, He'll do it.
  • Where there's unity, God commands a blessing.
  • God can't change or lie.
  • Start small if you have to.
  • It's not enough to give; you have to learn to receive.

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