Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 13, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014
  • To rejoice is a choice!
  • Bring your problem to the foot of the Cross; receive His provision from His outstretched arms.
  • Your only answer for everything is Jesus Christ.
  • Receive Jesus, confess Him. If you don't confess it to someone, it's not a confession.
  • Church folk and this world shouldn't mix.
  • I'll quit backing up when we start stacking up!
  • Check list: 1. Be born again. 2. Be filled with the Spirit.
  • If you're not Spirit filled, you're not a witness.
  • It's amazing how easily the devil has access to us, but it's so hard for God to get access!
  • What you thought was a fight or a battle is God's way of showing Himself through you.
  • Sometimes in the midst of your battle you need to speak your victory.
  • We should all be giant beaters!
  • You're the only Jesus people see.
  • #3 on the list: Be a praiser.
  • Nothing introduces you into more assurance, than praise.
  • Let's believe the Word of God.
  • God's a good steward. He's not wasting space.
  • Don't back up! Christians are SUPPOSED to be Spirit filled!
  • Say, "In my life--you will know--there is a God."
  • Too many of God's people are losers.
  • Everyone has a belief system based upon their own thinking.
  • I believe God has some witnesses somewhere!
  • Every one of us needs the head of a giant in our lives.
  • If everyone of us did what Jesus did, this place would be filled.
  • Our teenagers ought to be raising people from the dead.
  • Most of the time God doesn't talk to you because you're too distracted to hear!
  • This thing is either true or its not!
  • Don't be so quick to respond when you have a thought.
  • Here's the key: He who has ears to hear; let him hear what the Spirit is saying.
  • If you think it takes "man"'ve missed it.
  • God says, "If they can't hear Me; they can't follow Me."
  • What matters is that we follow God to the letter.
  • Let your belief system begin to change.
  • Say, "God always adds a little more."
  • #4 on the checklist: We should be a people of GOOD WORKS.
  • In His name (the name of Jesus) is the will of God
  • Your "mind" does NOT get born again; it has to be renewed.
  • The new belief system; "The Father's in ME, and I'm in the Father!"
  • "Healing people on the way to church," should be the least that we do!
  • "God does the works!!!
  • The "obedience" begins with us; the provision comes from God.
  • You can't be led of God if you're not filled with the Spirit.
  • In God's presence you hear His purpose.
  • How do you do good works? You hear the Father.
  • Start thanking God that He is with you!

    Scriptures: click on to read
    1 Corinthians 10:13
    1 Samuel 17:46-51
    John 14:10-14
    Joshua 1