Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 12, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014
  • If you let the praises go up, you have no idea what may come back down!
  • This is a word of the Lord to somebody, "It's never too late! With God it's never too late!"
  • The reason your life has been a mess is sin. Jesus died for that sin in order to make you white as snow!
  • When you allow God to make changes in your life you'll attract people who will be a blessing to you.
  • There's a whole lot more to this.
  • I'm on a mission to prove God to everybody.
  • God is real. He just wants us to believe.
  • All of you are going to have to change something.
  • You can't embarrass God; He knows you through and through.
  • Determine this, "God, not my will but thy will be done."
  • Are you doing everything God told you to do? Why not?
  • As we honor God, He will honor us.
  • If you don't speak in tongues, you're not filled with the Spirit.
  • Your spirit is born again and perfect (if you're saved.)
  • Instead of, "How do you feel?' say, "How do you believe?"
  • We have to start thinking different.
  • Feed your spirit. Allow it to be the dictator in your life.
  • Honesty and integrity are all we have.
  • When you know what the Book says, you can stop living by your feelings.
  • "Worse" is not God's plan for you.
  • We're trying to be like Christ.
  • Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing.
  • We need to be "spirit, soul, body;" not the other way around.
  • Say, "I'll never get sick again because Jesus took my sickness. I say my body is wonderfully made and everything works the way it's supposed to."
  • I'm living for God and having all kinds of fun!
  • If you find a promise in this book (Bible) turn it into a prayer.
  • Stop telling God about your problem and start telling your problem about your God!
  • Faith always calls things that are not as though they were.
  • Your enemy's only weapon against you is your ignorance.
  • In the Kingdom of God there is no lack, poverty, or sickness.
  • Until they want what we've got; we don't have enough.
  • A bum wants what you have; a wise man wants to know how you got it!
  • Speak faith words.
  • God is never late. He's always right on time.
  • Your clothes and shoes will look different at the end of this year.
  • His Word will never return void.
  • Living for the Lord is the best way to live.
  • Real increase begins when the change starts in you.
Scriptures: Click on to read
Galatians 3:13,14
Isaiah 53:4-6   
Mark 11:21-23   
Genesis 26:12-14

Jeremiah 29:11