Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday July 31, 2011

Thoughts to Ponder

Sunday, July 31, 2011

To ignore His presence is the height of sin.

Sin will take you to hell.

He’s a loving God, but He’s a just God.

“Sin;” the only thing that will keep you out of heaven.

It’s my desire to be where “He” is.

In His presence He’ll purge our desires.

We can live to the flesh…and get old. Or we can live to the Spirit…and never get old.

Faith produces things.

Faith always declares the impossible.

God’s fixin’ to bring it to pass.

The purpose for faith is to produce something.

God has given you “faith” so that you can produce things.

God may want to do some “first time events” in your life.

God destroys fruitless trees.

When Jesus comes to get fruit from your life; you’d better have some.

“Shown” faith will produce results.

All you can do is stay “hooked in” (we’re the branch; He’s the vine.)

Don’t miss the place that can build your faith.

Even in your struggles the reality of God can be seen.

If you can be talked out of it; you should be (the call to preach).

If you find it in the book (the Bible); it’s yours.

Give your faith a day to work.

“Doubt” always tries to figure it out. Faith just believes it.

Anything you give homage to, over the promise of God, is a graven image.

Stop looking at the problem.

“But God!”

1. Don’t consider the problem. Consider the promise.

Don’t talk about the problem.

2. Don’t stagger at the promise.

God keeps His promises.

God’s word never returns void.

If you’ve prayed for something, and believed God; don’t let an Ishmael take its place.

What you produce on your own may become an enemy to you the rest of your life.

How important is God’s promise to you? Most important!

We are a powerhouse for God. We’re not allowing Him to produce through us.

The enemy always tries to offer a substitute for God’s purpose.

Give your faith a day!

I refuse to glorify the problem when I can honor the promise.

All that’s lacking in our lives is a greater reality of God.

Our God is an abundant God!

God is causing a productive life.