Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We’ve made the church “passive,” when it should be “active.” It’s the “Acts” of the Holy Ghost.

The church is going to be a place of reporting.

He’s worth everything!

God empowered the church to be a witness; to “prove” to somebody that there is a God.

Today is “Pentecost Sunday.” It’s easy to make it a “day;” it’s hard to make it a lifestyle.

Don’t worry about cleaning people up. If God can catch ‘em, He can clean ‘em.

One rule: Get close to God. If we’ll draw close to Him, He’ll draw close to us.

We, the church, are supposed to be the most powerful force on the face of the earth.

As long as we make “church” the “ultimate;” we’ve missed it.

The “ultimate” is you filled with the Holy Ghost; doing God’s works. Showing “Christ.” Being His witness.

God knew that the people needed an experience.

We are to be about our Father’s business!

It’s not the “Day” we honor, it’s the God of the day, we honor.

We should not be limited by our limits, but by “His” limits; and He has no limits.

Our problem is; it’s not good enough in our life to share.

I care about what God believes.

We’re going to get full of the Holy Ghost…and get active!

If you get “sold” enough, you’ll get “bold” enough.

God’s tired of you witnessing on your own strength. He doesn’t want you to have an argument; He wants you to have an experience.

Don’t be discouraged. Get close to God and He’ll give you something to tell.

If you can’t tell “everybody,” don’t tell anybody.

We should not have a struggle being a witness; all it takes is more of “Him,” and less of “me.”

When God begins to do something, you’re pretty little life will get messed up.

When it gets real good, you can’t keep it to yourself.

You have no idea who God’s going to lead you to this week.

Do you really think that anything is too hard for God?

We’ve got to be as serious about this as God is.

People need to be confronted by the Holy Ghost.

Church should be a place that scares the Hell out of you.

You may be the best God has right now.

He wants to equip the saints to get busy.

The more you listen to God, the easier it is to hear from Him.

If God can count on you, He’ll “count” on you.

Every time there’s a new doctrine it takes us from the simplicity of the Gospel: Believe, be healed.

“Salvation” is more than a ticket to heaven; it involves all aspects of you and your life.

Want to be a witness? Let God do something for you, then tell somebody.

Healed outside the church, and “then” go to church.

They should come here and walk right into an experience.

Stop listening to garbage.

When you get “sold,” you’ll get “bold,” and when you get “bold,” they’ll get “told.”

Stay humble before God and He will use you as a witness.