Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 2, 2017

  • When He speaks: things happen.
  • When you guess; you can make a mess.
  • God; He always plans to give us more.
  • He's so great that when the episode is over, you'll write a song about it.
  • A true (mature) Christian doesn't complain about anything.
  • This is the day the church blows up with God's purpose.
  • If you're going to say something, you need the Word to back it up.
  • You have to enter in.
  • All the enemy has to do to keep control of the earth is to keep the church carnal.
  • Carnal sermons produce carnal Christians.
  • A thought unspoken dies unborn. When you speak it, it comes to life.
  • People are bold when they're stupid.
  • Just because you have a thought doesn't mean you should say it.
  • "Shut up!" gets it done.
  • If you're digging a hole and trying to get out; quit digging!
  • Stop always being led by your five senses.
  • Read the Word of God; it's spirit food.
  • It doesn't matter if God says it, or YOU say WHAT GOD SAYS; it carries the same power.
  • The reason the Word doesn't speak to us is because we don't obey it.
  • The Word doesn't change.
  • Get beyond "trying" and just keep "doing."
  • Quit telling God what the devil said.
  • If you're carnal it's hard to do what God says do.
  • Till you think you're something special, you'll probably not see anything special.
  • If God said it; you say it!
  • Spend some time with God.
  • Read the book of Acts.
  • Say, "I lay hands on the sick and they recover."
  • Stop thinking about where you came from and start thinking about where you're going.
  • Things are different in the Kingdom of God.
  • Say, "I walk like Jesus."
  • We are what we are by the grace of God.
  • Say, "Lord, give me something to do this week." And then testify about it.

Scriptures: click on to read

2 Corinthians 10:3-5
Zechariah 4:6
Romans 8:5
Philippians 2:5
1 John 4:17
Hebrews 4:12-16
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