Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 27, 2017

  • Sometimes you see in the natural first what will happen spiritually.
  • Sometimes you see in the spiritual first what will happen in the natural.
  • God speaks the answer; He's not concerned with conditions because He has the ability to call things that are not as though they are.
  • God does things different in His house.
  • God is bigger than all your knowing.
  • God's Word is always a "now" word.
  • This thing is between you and God.
  • You can't blame somebody else or use them as an excuse.
  • We praise Him to get His attention.
  • We worship Him to enter His presence.
  • What's wrong with you? Not enough God in it.
  • God's in me!
  • Winning changes everything.
  • Church is too comfortable.
  • I just wish someone would believe.
  • Where's all the joy gone?
  • I fear God. I don't fear YOU.
  • When crazy things happen in the natural, they're about to happen in the spiritual.
  • Say, "I AM living "That Day.""
  • Church is supposed to be coming to meet with God.
  • Only God can fix it (you).
  • Every day is "That Day."
  • The only way you can have a design is if you have a designer.
  • Church needs to be what "God" can do with it.
  • Somebody somewhere has to make a difference.
  • Your Christianity is based on what you've experienced as a Christian.
  • Challenge: Let God have His way.
  • The Lord says: "It's NOT over!"
  • Give God a chance.
  • Their ain't no high like the Most High!
  • Let's let God decide how crazy it's supposed to get.
  • Your answer is in HIM.
  • Your answer is in God.

Testimony: The doctor's said she'd be deaf. Now her hearing is 100%!

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2 Chronicles 7:1
Isaiah 12:1-6
Genesis 1