Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 23, 2016

"Right now faith" doesn't necessarily mean you see it now; you "receive" it now.
I only live because HE lives.
All things are possible; especially to the household of faith.
The Bible says you'll know the truth and "known" truth will make you free.
If what Jesus did affects your sins; it also affects your sickness.
God expects you and me to do something about EVERYTHING.
I don't know how many of us serve God.
We need to be servants.
There's no bullying in the Kingdom.
When they took prayer out of school we should have taken our kids out of school.
WE are the ones to set the culture.
Study to show yourself approved.
Don't you dare let your head tell you how much faith you have in your heart.
Do the Word; it works!
The mind is where the enemy works.
Stop letting your head tell you what you believe.
God didn't give you all this free time to do nothing.
"Light" sets the culture.
The Kingdom of God is a place of dominion and authority.
God's always trying to get us to pass over to the other side.
The only way "all hell breaks loose" is because you want to live in that other kingdom.
Jesus said, Don't believe what I said if it's not backed up by the works of God.
Fear is Faith in the False.
God will never fix things you lie about.
God will provide.
God's not happy with us NOT changing our culture.
Believing IS work.
Meditate on one scripture all day.
When God tells you to shut up; do it.
We need to respect what God gives us.

Prayer requests: Please pray for Sarah and Debby's family.

Scriptures: click on to read.

John 10:10
Matthew 5:16
2 Timothy 2:15

Acts 17:6
John 3:16
Mark 4:39
John 14:12
Mark 11:22-24
1 Corinthians 2:45
Luke 6:38
Psalm 115:14