Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 6, 2016

  • He, specifically, has a message for every one of us.
  • Begin to focus on God.
  • Everywhere I go God is with me because He is IN me.
  • Jesus can transform your life right now.
  • I don't want to just do something; I want to honor the Father.
  • I want to hear three words, "I trust you."
  • Say, "Father, I just want your heart."
  • If you've got God's heart; everything else follows.
  • We have a Father; but do we live "Fathered?"
  • God loves the Orphan.
  • Seeking the will of the Father; that's for the mature.
  • God wants to take what's orphaned and bring it back to Him.
  • Adoption: bring people to maturity so they can walk in the Kingdom.
  • I want to want what HE wants.
  • God is giving you an invitation to come into His will and ways.
  • God is calling His children to grow up.
  • Quit praying for revival!
  • Seek Him!
  • The Key: shifting the honor system.
  • Seek the face of God; and then follow.
  • Signs and miracles are the "natural" in the mature Christian's life.
  • The order of God. God has an order.
  • God is trying to get us to the place where HE is on the throne.
  • I don't believe in accidents.
  • God has chosen this City and this place.
  • Granite City; having been known as an abortion city; can be known as the City of Adoption; not just of babies, but of those who would be Fathered by God.

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Amos 5:21-24