Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 6, 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

  • Revelation is your best friend.
  • "More" doesn't make you more effective. If you're a bum, it makes you a bigger bum.
  • God's already given. He wants YOU to do something.
  • God doesn't give you more to see you less!
  • The same measure you use is measured to you.
  • You have all eternity to do nothing. We need to do something NOW!
  • This week, do something different, "more," and then expect more.
  • His presence produces His purpose.
  • When you get a thought; where will that thought take you?
  • The devil wants to cause trouble; he'll point things out to you.
  • Christian! You're not like this world!
  • The church is going to have to be different before the Lord comes back.
  • I think we ought to be objects of envy.
  • Say, "Let this mind be in me, just as it was in Jesus."
  • I see a time when this is all we do.
  • What's your profession? Faith. Faith is also your servant.
  • God knows He looks good when you use faith.
  • When you hear "and God said," your ears need to perk up. Everything "He said" is a done deal.
  • We are healing machines.
  • We are to be like Jesus and do, through Him, His works.
  • Faith without works is dead.
  • Everything Jesus did when He walked this earth, you and I can do.
  • We've been beggars long enough. God wants "us" to be able to pick up the tab.
  • Christianity is a whole new life!
  • You're not supposed to go fishing. You're supposed to go "catching."
  • When you realize that what you say, happens: 1. You'll stop saying stupid stuff. and 2. You'll say things that you want to see happen.
  • We're going to quit fishing and go "catching."
  • Faith hears.
  • Faith is listening for the voice of God.
  • Faith needs a Word. Faith's waiting for a Word.
  • When you start believing, you'll start declaring it right.
  • If you're breathing, you can still say yes to God.
  • When do you go "catching?" When you hear God.
  • You need a "word" on this.
  • God says, "Tell them we have dominion, and what to do with it."
  • Grace isn't an excuse; it's an ability.
  • God will make a way when there is no way.
  • We need to become very "Word" dependent.
  • I don't need a reason to not do something. I need a "Word" TO do something.
  • One Word from God.
  • You have dominion over fish.
  • God wants ALL of us to have a fish story.
  • He's the same God.
  • We make Christianity a bunch of "don'ts." Jesus makes Christianity a bunch of "dos."
  • When God gives you a Word; you can't stop it (unless you choose not to do it.)
  • God doesn't have a problem with the provision; He has a problem with people listening for His Word.
  • A good preacher is a good listener; listening to God.
  • Excuses don't get anything done.
  • Where there's division there's destruction. Where there's unity, there's multiplication.
  • Through faith we see through different eyes.
  • Christianity is a life.
  • Homework: try and disprove through the Bible what has been said today.

Scriptures: click on to read

Genesis 1:26-28
Luke 5:4-7
John 21:3
John 14:12-14