Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014
  • The Lord said, "Tell them they can wake up, or something can happen to wake them up."
  • A prophetic word to people you know when it breaks loose: "We tried to wake you up."
  • Tell the Christians: "They are My ambassadors."
  • No weapon formed against you will prosper...when you follow HIM.
  • Tell them, "It's time to wake up!"
  • Some of us need to be delivered from "How much is that?"
  • Where would the church be now if, 2000 years ago, we did what God told us to?
  • Love takes care of its own.
  • We are called by the name of the Lord. We are CHRISTians.
  • Don't listen to the devil anymore; he's lied to you long enough.
  • We are ministers of exchange. Exchange your life...for HIS life.
  • I'm not looking for an excuse to do wrong. I'm looking for ways to DO right.
  • Who am I to cheat God out of pleasure. He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.
  • You can't breathe without God!
  • God wants to bless His people to show He has a covenant with them.
  • Its like turning a two lane highway into a four lane highway.
  • I think God's getting excited about our prosperity.
  • The Key; Do what HE says do.
  • Don't bring your junk with you. Let it go.
  • You need to walk away from that old life.
  • You can be perfect. That's what the Bible says.
  • Say, "I'm born again by incorruptible seed. I'm born again by the Word of God."
  • Is everything of your life of God?
  • If you have one thing in your life that's not of God; get rid of it!
  • I don't care what you've done with your life; He'll still trade you (exchange your life for His.)
  • Everybody's got "rights," but no one's living right.
  • Be reconciled to God! Trade today!
  • God only has "kids."
  • "Perfect people," stop doing the same sin.
  • All redemption has a financial element to it.
  • Leave your old thinking behind too.
  • "I'm going to live like my new Daddy."
  • Live by "every" Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
  • Your enemy wants you in jealousy, not faith.
  • What can be pointed to in your life that says, "That's God!"
  • You guys are not "all that." Make the deal! Trade with Him!
  • Trade everything you've got for Him!
  • Since salvation is so good; how great can everything else be?!
  • We need to be people who are already awake.
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