Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 27, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

  • Do you look forward to meeting with God?
  • God loves us enough to correct us.
  • God is consistent.
  • God's love is consistent.
  • Let God be God today.
  • It's during these encounters that changes take place in your life.
  • In His presence there is a fulness of joy; and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore.
  • We declare, "The mountain's about gone."
  • Praise make a road so you can pass over.
  • Today's a great day for  you to make Jesus LORD of your life.
  • If Jesus is Lord of your life you WILL BE fulfilled and satisfied.
  • Until you make Jesus Lord of your life you'll never be happy.
  • It's easy to do God's will when you make Jesus Lord of your life.
  • Let the Lord determine when it's enough (as in how much of the "mountain" should be gone.)
  • Make Jesus the Supreme Authority of you life and it will be a whole lot easier.
  • T-E-A-M: Together, Everyone, Achieves, More!
  • COME BECOME ONE: a theme the Lord gave me years ago.
  • Say, "Everybody is out to bless me."
  • When the Holy Spirit shows  up in your life, shut everybody else out.
  • To do His works, say only what HE says.
  • Doesn't God have a right to expect a return on His investment?
  • God's word, works!
  • When are we going to say what God says?!
  • If we're not living according to God's will; we're living according to the will of someone else.
  • The next time you pray for something, stop looking for a feeling!
  • It's time we stop being led by our flesh and emotions.
  • Stop having conversations with the Liar!
  • If God speaks something, claim it!
  • Your religion won't do you any good.
  • Say, "Everybody is out to bless me!"
  • I don't understand God's people not talking about Jesus.
  • The Father knows best.
  • The Holy Spirit will lead and guide you.
  • The purpose of His Kingdom is so His Will will be done.
  • Christianity is a "knowing." Knowing God!
  • We make excuses for lies and liars; and spend the next five years making more excuses!
  • If you're not living for God; you're going to Hell!
  • We're supposed to be examples of how this Christianity works.
  • You don't go to "church;" you go to The City of the Lord!
  • We are examples of Christianity.
  • I'm in your face; to change your place; so we can win the race!
  • God wants  you to be blessed.
  • Your whole life is walking towards Blessing or Cursing. Key: Obey; you go towards blessing. Disobey: towards cursing.
  • In your life "your" opinion doesn't matter.
  • Most people want to "look" good. I want to BE as good as God wants me to be.
  • If you call Him Lord, let Him be Lord!
  • Let Him tell you what to do.
  • Say, "Jesus is Lord over my life, in Jesus name."

Scriptures: click on to read
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John 15:5-7
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