Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 16, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014
  • The Lord told me a long time ago, the reason people don't praise Him is because they don't know Him.
  • There is a reality that is known through worship.
  • Praise is not an option!
  • Our purpose here is to see Him!
  • Lord, show us your glory!
  • Put a checklist in your Bible: 1. Get Born again. 2. Get filled with the Spirit. 3. Become a praiser.
  • The "faith life" is where this happens.
  • When you pray it, only God's will happens.
  • Become a praiser!
  • Your problem: you  judge the things of God by your past.
  • He has a great future for you; a great TODAY for you!
  • Whatever you are in the body of Christ; we need you to be %100! we're not crippled.
  • You deserve God's best!
  • Say, "The Kingdom has benefits, and I'm getting mine!"
  • We're not supposed to be affected by this world.
  • What are we going to do when it gets that real?
  • There's no recovering from our national debt...But God.
  • If everything that happens is God's predestinated will...He's not doing a very good job.
  • We all need to learn to be givers.
  • Praise brings us into an awareness that there is another reality.
  • If you become a "praiser" it will get you out of bondage.
  • Praise and worship time is just that; praise and worship time.
  • We usually don't look for God's will in a matter; we usually look the path of least resistance.
  • We want to get to a "faith life."
  • We can't live like this world and expect the better stuff to show up.
  • When you become Born Again, a new reality becomes available to you.
  • There are consequences to our actions.
  • Get an "all" mentality. Jesus healed "all" who came to Him.
  • With God all things are possible.
  • If you love the Lord you sit on the edge of your seat every service.
  • The Bible says we're a light in this dark world.
  •  Tongues and Interpretation: As with the coming of the tide, people need to be aware of the time. The tide is rising and will become a river. I'm going to pour my Spirit out in a mighty way. Recognize the time. I've brought you through in order to be a witness. I'm going to do great and mighty things. You are witnesses. You will shine. You're a city on the hill. I desire to do a great work. Don't say, "Harvest is in four months." Pray to the Lord of the harvest for laborers. Mark it: See what I've done in three months time.
  • Praise prepares an atmosphere for the Spirit to work.
  • Praising God affects a lot of things.
  • We're here to make a difference.

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