Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 27, 2013

  • Sunday, October 27, 2013
  • We need to be better Christians in our everyday life.
  • God has a purpose for us TODAY!
  • God's purpose can be seen even in the small things.
  • God has called you to be a Christian EVERYDAY.
  • As long as you're obedient you're walking His perfect path.
  • Allow the Holy Spirit, today, to do a work in your heart that will change you forever.
  • God did not come to make our flesh tougher.
  • God had to die in order for us to live. Now WE have to die so He can live.
  • The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us.
Tongues and Interpretation:
    I can't walk where sin abounds; but where sin abounds, grace does much more
    abound. I loved you first and gave my Son. You must come unto me broken.
    I'm in your midst to prove that it's not by might; not by power, but by my Spirit.
    You won't be the same if you take my Spirit with you. I want ambassadors, representatives.
    Take the Spirit you've experienced here with you.
  • You can't receive with a wrong spirit.
  • You've felt the Spirit of God here; take Him with you!
  • The only way you won't be ignorant is to spend time in the Word.
  • We need to be people of the Word.
  • You rejoice by choice.
  • His grace and mercy in not to be an excuse; it's to be an enabling to DO something.
  • The trick of the enemy is deception.
  • He's coming back for a faithful people.
  • What keeps happening in your mind; happens in time.
  • If I'm not careful I'll let the memory of my past dictate my future.
  • When you're faced with a circumstance; let the first words out of your mouth be faith words.
  • God means what He says!
  • With God, nothing is impossible.
  • How often have we missed God because we think its too big to be believed?
  • If you have to doubt something; doubt your doubt.
  • You have no idea of your potential with a renewed mind.
  • The FIRSTS in your life have to be dealt with if you're going to enter the Kingdom of God.
  • Before you get to the promised land you must be BORN AGAIN.
  • Jericho was a place of impossibility.
  • All the "firsts" belong to God.
  • He's not God if He's not first.
  • God won't take second place in our lives. "You" can't even be first in your life.
  • Because you could do nothing about your salvation; you owe God EVERYTHING!
  • If you always make sure God gets all your firsts; you'll have free access to the Kingdom of God.
  • Without a people seeking God; this nation's done.
  • Sweet and precious is that place of brokenness in God.
  • The Kingdom of God is not affected by this world; you are!
  • Today's message needs to be FAITHFULNESS.
  • This is not a game; this is real!
  • It takes God to defeat the Jericho in your life.
  • He's an amazing God!
  • If he's working on you; He's also working on them.
  • We are supposed to make a difference in this world. You ARE the difference.
  • When you begin to put God first; expect miracles to happen.
  • When you do what God says, you can expect His promises.
  • We are the bride of Christ; and we're not marrying a bum. We're marrying the Son of God!
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