Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013
  • Salvation: the deal He made with us: He took "all" our bad, and gave us "all" His good.
  • God requires His servant to be faithful.
  • In His salvation you've been redeemed.
  • We need to sell out!
  • Jesus is the Word made flesh.
  • God's Word is His will.
  • God only wants us to do His will; and His will is His Word.
  • With God and His Kingdom there are "no" coincidences.
  • If you depend on luck, you're cheating yourself.
  • Jesus still miraculously provides like He did back then.
  • There's a great payday coming.
  • If we'd simply learn to be farmers in the Kingdom, we'd all be better off. Sow some seed.
  • When is somebody going to tell the truth in spite of themselves.
  • Faith works every time.
  • Your life is determined by the choices you make.
  • You do the will of God and with faith and patience receive the promises.
  • If Sunday morning is all you get; you're not diligently seeking God.
  • I'm ready for some "faith things" in our lives.
  • God doesn't have a "little" miracle for you; He has a whopper! Abundance!
  • His Word is His Will!
  • Whatever He says to it!
  • What makes us our best? When the Word has an impact on us.
  • God is a "feet" healer!
  • Stop limiting your God! Have faith in Him!
  • All we need is a Word from God!
  • You'll never have what they have until you respect what they've got.
  • God wants us to have a testimony.
  • When the real Jesus shows up they'll come running.
  • Those with feet problems; in the name of Jesus you're healed!
  • There's power in the Word!
  • We ought to have a story every week!
  • Say, "I must decrease; He must increase."
  • It's either all true, or it's not.
  • Stop saying, "Four more months and then harvest. Your harvest is now!"
  • Say, "My harvest is now!"
  • I don't talk about the weather; I talk "to" the weather.
  • If it's in the book, keep saying it.
  • Faith operates by the Word.
  • Saying it is planting it.
  • Say, "I get what I plant."
  • Let the first words out of your mouth be faith words.
  • There is no guess work to Christianity.
 Scriptures: click on to read.
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