Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 2, 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013
  • God's Word...that's what matters.
  • Read your Bible; we'll agree more!
  • Salvation is way more than a ticket to heaven.
  • How many of you are willing to let the Lord do something in you today that makes you "not" doubt His existence?
  • I heard in my spirit, "You've got the Holy Ghost; it's time for fire."
  • Your experience with God is based upon your relationship.
  • If you know Him; you know Him. If you don't; you don't.
  • It's time I began to speak with new tongues.
  • God had to die for man to live. Man has to die for God to live.
  • The only thing necessary for it to come to pass was/is God saying it.
  • I'm the instrument God uses to establish His "said."
  • My mouth can be my enemy or my friend.
  • Everyone has an agenda. Every conversation has a purpose.
  • Every one of you is doing something you've heard.
  • Be a doer of the Word.
  • The reason it's not in your life; you haven't heard it.
  • God's Work works!
  • Every thought you get is not from God; or you.
  • Your words are powerful.
  • How do you know His Word abides in you? What's coming out of  your mouth.
  • You need to kick the devil out of your life.
  • Quit doing things your way.
  • When you do what God says, the blessing is yours.
  • If you say what God says, you can have what God says.
  • If we're the best God has, we need to step up and do better.
  • God has not called you to be self-righteous in doing what's right.
  • Our Father has an endless inventory.
  • The Word works when you "do" it.
  • You can't be on facebook 3 hours a day and blame God.
  • My definition of church: meet with God.
  • Start doing the Word and see what happens.
  • You mighty instrument of God, you! Let God use you!
  • The more you determine to do the Word, the more more Word you'll do.
  • Walk in the victory of the knowledge that God has worked it out.
Scriptures: Click on to read.
James 1:19-22
Psalm 105:37
Proverbs 18:21