Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday June 12, 2011

Thoughts to Ponder

Sunday, June 12, 2011

We come here to meet with God. It’s not to pay our “dues.” It’s to meet with God.

Some of you need to learn to shout.

It’s not enough to hear me preach; to hear God’s word; we have to “do” what God says.

What are you “doing” with what you’re hearing.

We need to KNOW that God is with us!

You’re not smart enough to tell “you” what to do.

This place is an “in your face” place.

What’s missing in the church today? Commitment.

We’re not as sold out to this thing as we ought to be.

If God’s not first, you’re not going.

The anointing you respect is the anointing you get.

We’re supposed to be spiritual.

We need to speak the word to those in our house.

God wants to turn us into a little “Jesus.” Doing what He did (“He” does it through us.)

Through Jesus, you “are” somebody.

Everyone’s got a first. It has to be God.

God’s never afraid, and perfect love…casts out fear.

There’s nothing like the anointing.

I’m afraid “not” to tell the truth.

It is always too soon to quit.

We’re going to see a move of God that’s going to usher in the coming of the Lord.

Have you made God first yet?

The Holy Spirit in you has life changing abilities.

God will never go against His word.

What God knows, you and I can know.

God wants to use you away from the church.

The Holy Ghost in you is available to change people’s lives.