Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 8, 2011

Thoughts to Ponder

May 8, 2011

We come to church to experience God.

There’s a “God” part of you that will not be satisfied with anything less than a “relationship” with Him.

This is your time with God.

Let’s just go after God every service!

You have no idea what today can do…for somebody.

If the “feel good” wasn’t there, He would still demand worship.

God humbled Himself to reveal Himself to us.

We’re about pleasing God.

It’s time to get serious with God.

The heart of God rests in this place.

There’s something wonderful that takes place in His presence.

In His presence there’s a fullness of joy.

His presence makes everything…different.

I’m addicted to the Holy Ghost, and I want to be!

If God is your Father, and He is; don’t be afraid!

Right now you may not value “His presence,” but a time is coming when you will.

When God’s presence shows up, it won’t be confined to this room.

Quit thinking everything has an end. Start thinking about the beginning.

God’s presence has a purpose.

Keep us near the cross.

Want to know what’s in your heart? Listen to what comes out of your mouth.

We’re to make God’s presence…top priority.

I don’t play games with God. This “place” doesn’t play games with God.

God’s got a plan, and He who has begun a good work…will complete it.

It’s not by might; it’s not by power; it’s by My Spirit, says the Lord.

The key is; we go after God.

We “go somewhere” here.