Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, Dec 19, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Word: “It shall arise, and every eye shall see, every ear shall hear. For I will do a mighty work in this community. I have come into this place to open prison doors. I am your God; you are the sheep of my pasture. Every eye shall see. Every ear shall hear of the greatness of the Lord. They will not be able to hide. I’ve come today to speak to your heart. Look to the fields! They are white unto harvest.”

How real does it have to get?

Here’s a challenge: invite all your relatives to church this year.

Because somebody said, “Okay, God, I’ll go.”

Next year we’re going to be a soul winning station.

“Preparing souls for heaven in 2011.”

Say, “God, make that soul winning thing real to me.”

We get to be the wake up call.

They’ll come to The City of the Lord…to get fixed.

God’s doing things.

The door will crack open a little bit at first, and people will see it.

Be determined you won’t be discouraged.

We’re real good at “determining” things, but not sticking to it.

Nothing will kill God’s promises in your life quicker than jealousy.

You cheat yourself when you give into jealously and that sort of thing.

Other than God…

What’s missing from our Church services? Conviction.

We need to be about our Father’s business to seek and save that which is lost.

Jan 1, 2012, a Sunday, is significant. Remember it.