Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday November 21, Monday 22, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Word: “For the battle’s not yours; it’s Mines!” says the Lord. “Stand, therefore! I’ll deliver thee! I have brought you to a place to receive all I have. In these last days you’ll do great and mighty works. I am in your midst this day, and with that knowledge…you’ll do great works.”

In His presence is His purpose revealed.

If “you” always know what to do; it’s not God.

To be effective for God, wait on Him.

How much does He want us to trust Him? Enough that when you’re hanging off the cliff, and He says, “Let go.” You…let go.

It’s the “mess” that puts you in the place where God can change you; use you.

Let’s call on God and see what “He” does.

You need to get sensitive to the Lord and hear His voice.

Recognize that the church is not where it’s supposed to be.

Everyone of us live in a land of “promise.”

You have a “promise.”

First recognize yourself as “nobody.” Then, “He’ll” make you into somebody.

Let’s go on and become effective for God.

Without faith…you’re not going.

Two ways to miss God: “doing,” and “not doing.”

The problem with “knowing everything” is you won’t receive a word from God.

God always makes a way.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I came here to meet with God!

The church has become a “message” house, when it also needs to be a “meeting” house.

It doesn’t do any good to hear the message if you don’t meet with the one the message is about.

I need more than a message. I need a meeting.

We are experience oriented.

You can’t get more “saved.”

If you’re sick and tired of getting what you get; change what you…do.

“Joy” is God’s answer; His solution.

When He shows up, He’s going to show up with joy.

More than the message; you need to meet Him.

If we “can,” then we “must.”

You’re wrong if you don’t think you don’t have an impact.

It’s God who gives the increase.

It’s not enough to just hear about Him; we want to meet “with” Him.

There’s an experience, beyond you.

It needs to get so good here we say the “message” every time, because “every time” there are new people here who need to hear it.

His “presence” should be the ultimate prize.