Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Sept 26, and Monday Sept 27, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sometimes we need to hear from the Lord, and often, He needs to hear…from us.

Maybe you need to change your attitude, in order for Him to raise your altitude.

This place (church) is more important than an operating room. You might physically “die” after surgery, but if things go wrong here…you might die the second death.

We do two things: 1. Wait on God and, 2. Waiting for “you”…to wait on God.

What makes the difference in any situation? God’s favor!

The Holy Ghost says, “My favor started last Sunday.”

Everything we put our hand to…will prosper!

We’re not limiting God to these four walls.

I’m interested in God being the biggest thing in town.

Now is the time!

If God begins to give instructions, it’s because He has future plans.

When God guides, He provides. When He instructs, it’s not luck.

I watched “God” bring people in.

When God gives instruction, He has future plans!

Just think what would happen if we all got involved.

I’m ready to give thanks…because I believe.

Whatsoever you do…shall prosper!

I always watch for god’s favor, and that’s where you invest your efforts.

Don’t forget, “salvation” is more than just being “born again,” it’s everything about you.

Today…everything we put our hands to…prospers!

Sometimes our problem is… “we’re not dead enough!”

When you think it can’t, it still can.

This is resurrection day for this place.

God is no respecter of persons.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jesus doesn’t need us to go fishing in order for us to have fish!

Lean not to your own understanding.

Trust, and listen, and obey the Lord.

When you want to do something for the Lord, make sure you “do” what “He” says.

When God gives instruction, He has a future purpose.

When God says, “Look this way.” Then ‘look’…with expectation.

The key to a boatful, is being instructed of the Lord.

He’s the God who will “take” you “from” something: “keep” you from something, and “take” you “to” something.

The key: “You” do what the Lord tells “you” to do.

You’re going to be blessed by what God tells “you” to do.

If He guides; he provides.

We need to “specifically” be about our Father’s business.

Listen to the Lord.

Sometimes God’s specific instruction will go contrary to what you’re used to doing.

The “specific” instructions from God bring God’s “specifics”…to you.

There’s always a search for a “hearing” ear.

But, we’re not blessed if we hear; we’re blessed when…we do.

God has saved the best for last, and it comes with specific instructions.