Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday August 15 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We want “the river” (the mighty moving of God’s Spirit) so “your” abilities are taken away from you.

“Today” is the day to start your week off right.

If “redemption” was God’s only purpose for salvation…why didn’t He take us home after we were saved?

When you got “salvation” you got more than just a ticket to heaven.

The worst that can happen on this earth is that you graduate and go to heaven.

When “He” shows up…bust a move!

The Holy Spirit makes things possible when He shows up.

We need God’s way.

Lord, turn it around TODAY!

Jesus Christ is good news for any situation.

It’s not worth winning if you don’t win big.

It’s the “right now” part of salvation that we have a problem with.

The “good” was created for the “very good.” God’s creation (good) was created for the “very good” (his children).

God did not create everything in the world…”for” the world.

If you’re waiting for something; you’re waiting for something “right now!”

You just “think” church has been different. Wait!…

I’m not asking God for provision for tomorrow’s problems. I’m asking God for today’s!

We need to understand the we are the children of God!

Don’t let the truth trouble you.

If there’s no such thing as healing, then Jesus stands before His Father…a mockery.

I want everything of me, gone; so I can have everything of Him.

Read the book. If it’s there…it’s your!

Monday, August 9, 2010

If there was ever a time to sell out to the Lord, pray, be filled with the Spirit…it’s now!

You can’t fail if you wanted to! Just hold on!

God’s going to see us through!

Everything that has to be (prophetically) has already happened.

If the Lord be for me, who can be against me?

Make sure God is your Jehovah.

Our only hope is in Jehovah.

Blessed be the nation (individual) whose God is the Lord.

Just keep your trust in God.

Make Jehovah your God, and He’ll see you through.

A definition of God: That which gets most of your attention. Make sure Jehovah is your God.

If you want Him to cover you; make sure you stay close to Him.

Strengthen your grip. Hold on.