Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

Monday, August 23, 2010

The “Kingdom” represents a territory.

We have “stinkin’ thinkin’’” based on our experience.

It’s time for our “experience” to catch up with the Word.

Instead of “Church” we should say, “God’s Purpose.”

Get prepared to do the impossible.

Recognize this: “Forget your past!”

Your “past” determines your belief system.

There is a “rest” and “inheritance” God has for you.

The only way to get it…through faith; through “trusting God!”

“Church” is to be a place where the purpose of God is driven home.

It is wrong for us to miss out on one promise that God has given to us.

Get beyond “today’s experience” so you can walk in “tonight’s” experience.

There’s a “rest” we’re missing out on.

If the devil can get you distracted…he will.

The instruction: Get prepared to do the impossible.

Stay focused on the Lord. Don’t be distracted.

God changes things.

Recognize, it’s going to take a mind change.

You can’t get mad “they won’t” if “we don’t.”

All we need is instruction.

The outpouring of the Spirit of God is our memorial.

The Holy Spirit unifies, the flesh…divides.

Until we make “the cause” bigger than us, we’ll never do anything; never fulfill “His” purpose.

We do what we do because of “the cause.”

We’ve got to become “cause” minded.

It’s too easy to get out of doing something by saying, “I don’t believe that’s God.”

Church is… “staying connected to the purpose.”

We’ve only just begun.

You haven’t seen anything yet.