Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

Sunday, April 11, 2010

God’s got a plan!

The enemy…accuses the brethren!

It’s not “your” plan, stop worrying about it. It’s “His” plan!

God will allow us to deal in perfection if we’ll let Him…perfect us.

God has a better way!

It’s time to operate in the Spirit.

Get it settled in your heart: Are you where God wants you to be?

You have an enemy, and it’s not a church member.

How stupid are we to destroy the only thing floating?

We’ve got to be about our Father’s business--to seek and save that which is lost!

God wants to deal in perfection. This requires “obedience!”

You can’t end up with “wine” in disobedience.

The voice of self righteousness says; “We’ve always done it that way, and if I have my way, we always will!”

To grow, you must embrace change.

God wants to make winners out of us.

People who experience change are more apt to embrace change.

Stop thinking change is a threat to you.

God is the only thing that doesn’t change.

Some will accept failure rather than change.

Sometimes where you’re at will stink so bad…you need to change it.

Your complaining and murmuring….tempts God.

Where’s God? He’s in the center of His purpose.

If the Lord is our “banner,” let’s act like it!

Stay focused!

The primary trick of the enemy…distraction.

Until you get some scars on your body…be quiet!

It’s time to move into perfection.

You’ll never find perfection unless you’re in God’s place.

Sometimes this “truth” stuff just overwhelms me.

Are you a blessing, or are you wicked?

Your mouth (our mouths) create this place.

You get what you do.

God counts faithfulness…real high!

The garbage stops…now!

Better to tick off the whole world, then make “Him” mad.

As long as there are people in the church…there are problems.

Stop talking bad, and stop listening to bad.